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Hands-on Training


To Unleash Your 'Digital'

OneOffice was built to be super-easy to learn quickly, even for non-techies. Yet, any new tool can be daunting at first.

We are here with hands-on training, docs and videos to unleash your team's power!


Our docs site was designed to be easy to traverse to find what you need. You'll find the link at the top and bottom of every page.

It doesn't cover everything, by design. It gets you started in the right direction, the intuitive User Interface will do the rest!

If you haven't already visited the docs site, give it a spin. It's so simple, you'll hit the ground running in no time.

#OO1 - Overview Training
Back to Basics

The first-level training is a hands-on one to two-hour training, which can be administered over video-conference. This training goes through the built-in tools of OneOffice, so you have working knowlege of the system to start working right away.

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Files & Sharing
  • Document Editor
  • Deck (Kanban PM)
  • Calls
  • Chats & Comments
#OO2 - Advanced Training
A Collaboration Powerhouse

While the prior traning was focused on tools, this optional advanced training covers next-generation collaboration workflows.

You will learn how to create collaborative workspaces, share files with your colleagues, create projects with chats and communications.

You will also learn how to secure external collaboration and ensure your interactions with customers and suppliers is smooth and efficient.

#OOA1 - Admin Training
You are back in Control

Administration of OneOffice is fluid and simple. User access is administered via groups (e.g. HR, Sales etc.), where a group admin can be any user.

This 1-2 hour training is typically for IT or office managers, so they can create new users, reset passwords, update groups etc.

In addition, for business and enterprise customers with their own servers, you will get full control over all the internal functionalities of OneOffice.

Still on the fence?

A 10 min online demo will set your mind at ease!