Strong Security ...
Comes by Default


Military-Grade Security

With the increase in attack surfaces, it's time to do things right. This page will go through the basics of online security and how we implement best-in-class technology, processes and tools to ensure your data & online experience are the most secure.

#1 - Isolation
Only trust yourself

This is the number 1 rule in security. There is only one trustworthy entity, and that's you.

This is why governments insist on their own private servers. SaaS (Software as a Service) is the #1 vulnerability online today.

The challenge is cost, it's very expensive having all your tools on your own server.

This is OneOffice's main innovation -- We bundle all services to run on your servers.

#2 - Encryption
Everything is Encrypted

This should go without saying. However, the key here is end-to-end (E2E) encryption.

End-to-end encryption is the most secure encryption, it uses keys that only you possess.

Unlike legacy platforms all your calls, chats, even notifications are E2E encrypted. This is typically reserved for the most-sensitive communications.

Your data deserves nothing less.

#3 - Identity
Securing Access 24/7

We have systems in place to detect malicious behaviour.

Brute-force attacks are stopped at their heel, suspicious access is detected very early.

For additional security, you can opt-in to Two-Factor Authentication to ensure you are who you say you are.

#4 - Code & Processes
Nothing Closed

Hidden code means hidden hacks and bugs that criminals find before you. 'Security by obfuscation' has never worked. Ever wonder how come Apple, Amazon and Google are rarely hacked?

We leverage the best of open-source technologies, reviewed and audited by thousands of developers.

Our processes are standardized and rigurously tested with a keen ability to move fast should issues arise. No ransomware, no viruses ...

#5 - Document Security
Share the Strict Minimum

Ever get worried about what happens when you share a document?

The OneOffice document editor opens document on-server so external users can't copy it.

Fine-tuned sharing controls allow you to block downloads, timed unshares and enable file-drop only.

Having doubts? Just check the history to see who did what.

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