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Common Plan & Pricing Questions

We offer three plans that cover most needs here.

Do I need to get a license for Word, PowerPoint and Excel?
No, OneOffice comes bundled with a complete online editor that fully replaces Word, PowerPoint and Excel. We even provide you with a downloadable editor for free to run on your computer.
Do you offer discounts?
First, our prices are really rock-bottom, as they include what others offer in their higher-end packages. We offer 30% discounts for not-for-profits and education, we also have volume discounts (10-20%) for 50+ users. Please contact us to tailor a solution for you.
What kind of SLA Guarantee do you provide?
The service is guaranteed to be up 99.99%. Historically, we only suffer when there are major internet issues unrelated to us, so you are getting best-in-class service.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes, for the Business and Enterprise plans we can setup your domain for you. Our support will be in touch to get you setup.
Where can I reach you for a demo or questions?
You can book a demo at a convenience time by clicking on the DEMO button in the menu
Where are the servers located?
We host mainly on Huawei Cloud in their many data centers (South Africa, Abu Dhabi and Latin America). For North America and Europe we host on Amazon (primarily) and Azure (if requested).
Common Features & Functonalities Questions

More information can be found on our Features page.

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Is email included?
Yes, we provide full and secure email service. You can also opt to use your existing email servers if you so chose. A full migration service is also available for Business plans.
Is there a calling feature?
Yes, a full and secured video-conference solution is built-in. It is the most secure solution as it runs on your servers so cannot be hacked.
Is your Word editor complete?
Not only is our online Word / PowerPoint / Excel editor complete, it has all the features of the desktop version.
Do you have mobile apps?
Yes, two major apps are available for each platform (iOS, Google and Huawei). One for files access and the other for calls and chats.
Where are my files located?
We use object storage on Huawei Cloud (S3 on Amazon) in your private bucket, so only you can access them.
How fast / reliable is your service?
Lightning fast! The service is optimized to run efficiently in your browser. We tested, and we are 3x faster than MS and 2x faster than Google.
Common Security & Privacy Questions

Security is built-in by design, not an afterthought! Check out our Security page for more information.

How can you be more secure vs. (...)?
For two reasons. First, you have your own private servers, so you are not at the mercy of others. Secondly, we use vetted open-source technologies (just like Google and Apple) not legacy closed-source code where no one knows what is really happening.
Do you support 2FA?
Yes, you will have the option to enable it from within your dashboard.
Can our IT access the servers direcly?
Absolutely, it's your servers. We just ask that they inform us what they are trying to do to ensure 100% uptime.
Are all communications encrypted?
Yes, every single communication with the server / other users is fully encrypted. In addition, video calls / chats / notifications are end-to-end encrypted, meaning no one but you can decrypt them.
Can customers steal shared documents?
Unlike other legacy solutions, our online document editor keeps the document safe on the server. Third-party can only download if you allow it.
Is my data backed up?
Absolutely! For the Enterprise plan we even offer versioned backups, so deleted / changed files can be recovered up to 3 months later
Hybrid Hosting
Common Hybrid Hosting Questions

For more information please visit the Hybrid Hosting page or just drop us a line.

Can I host my email server locally?
Yes, with a low-end server you can serve a few thousand users easily. We strongly recommend a cloud-based backup to go with it.
Does it cost more to add the hybrid service?
With a regular business plan with 100 users and a 2-year contract, it is included in your monthly fees. For larger installs or enterprise / gov plan it is included by default. Please contact us to run the numbers based on your setup.
Can my IT team access the local servers if they need to?
Absolutely. They would have full access. We do ask that they synchronize with us any changes beforehand to avoid service disruptions.
Can I host all of OneOffice locally?
Yes, for a few thousand users all you need is a single server in your office. We would synchronize with the cloud as well for redundancy.
Are you able to monitor and update my local servers?
Yes, all the services in our cloud servers are also included locally. This covers automated monitoring and upgrades.
What is the ideal local server setup?
At the very minimum, we recommend a low-end computer or server, a network disk, and a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

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